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"mba-admissions-consulting-essay-editing-services"To answer your very first question: What is our competency? We are

  • MBA Admissions specialists who assist in MARKETING YOU to the admissions committee.
  • For us, you are the “Product” and “Your Dream B-schools” are where we need toposition” you.
  • Thus, we “gap analyze” your entire profile – education, career achievements, GMAT score, goals and forward career strategy, awards, extra-curriculars, co-curriculars and all other details.
  • Based on this we assess your application’s strengths and weaknesses  (No worries if you have more “gaps” –  At times, We have had drop-outs entering top tier B-schools!)
  • We can then (optionally) assist you in selecting the right set of “dream schools”
  • Finally, we work with you closely on every element of your application the “best positioning” of your case.

The next step – subtle SALES – Preparing you for the Admissions Interview

  • Round 1 – Training
  • Round 2 or 3 – Medium level of difficulty “mock/trial” interview
  • Round 3 or 4 – atleast 3 levels above the toughest MBA admissions interview

What is the range/breadth of our exposure in MBA Admissions

  • We can assist you for EVERY B-School that requires some form of supporting profile Documentation or rather a window to market details other than education by itself. We have mastered “MBA Applicants’ marketing” to schools across the globe
    • United States
    • Europe
    • Canada
    • Australia
    • Hong Kong
    • India (GMAT-entry based schools – ISB, IIM-PGPXs)
    • Singapore

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42 Thoughts on “Welcome to The Blog-Site of MBA Admission Gurus

  1. Naph on June 20, 2019 at 1:09 PM said:

    Hi Guys

    I am from a Business Background, worked in telecoms for over 8 years, 7 of which at the managerial level, now in Digital marketing for the past 4 years working as an Ad Operations Manager. I want to apply for an MBA.

  2. Vien-Vi Le on December 20, 2017 at 1:04 AM said:

    Hi, I am a child development major and I am interested in obtaining a MBA in Business Administration to gain more knowledge and possibly owning my own child care one day, can you help me?

    • Greetings Vien-Vi: Good day. Thanks for the post. We have been trying to get in touch with you via email since we have just that detail for connect. Pl. feel free to contact us directly too. Talk to you soon. Thanks, David, MBA admission Gurus

  3. Denise on October 9, 2016 at 1:10 PM said:

    hello I have a very unique case. I previously worked in the medical field as a registered nurse with a bachelors of science. I am now an accounts manager with 2 yrs experience in a supply chain company which is totally out of my field of current experience.however, I am now very interested in the business field. I want to apply for the MBA program here in the US. Any help with this transition would be much appreciated.

    Thank you

  4. jayesh yadav on September 28, 2016 at 12:32 AM said:

    Hi guys,

    I am from IT background with an experience of 3+ years. GRE:312 TOEFL:109. I want to apply for MBA in US. Any help would be appreciated.


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