Pre-Application Planning

"mba-pre-application-planning-image"“My friend made it to Kellogg; he is my batch-mate with similar work experience and education. I can make it too

2 Points to ponder about here:

  • Are you sure that B-schools consider just the above factors at the time of decisions? If so, one can only imagine how difficult it would be for them to select candidates among the “masses”
  • Are you sure Kellogg is optimal for you? Probably you could aim higher or probably lower. B-school admission is a very serious endeavor. Smart work matters!

Our Pre-Application consultation

This consultation is ideal for candidates who are 3-12 months away from their MBA application

What the MBA Admissions Strategy Consultation covers

  • Trusted mentorship on your entire career strategy for MBA admissions
  • Complete, highly-detailed profile assessment to locate your strong and “pitfall” areas (Your resume’ is required)
  • Possible corrective steps to take (other than GMAT) to minimize failure risks and position uniquely vis-a-vis competition
  • Advising on GMAT re-take if necessary
  • Guidance on selection of best-fit MBA programs for your specific goals, educational budget and other factors (A list of your programs is required for the same; Our consultants will add to or modify your targeted “portfolio”)
  • We will also help you make crucial career decisions from time to time, assessing their impact on your overall profile.
    • For example, if you have the chance to choose between projects at work, we can help you analyze the impact of one or the other on your application profile.
    • Similarly if you are considering switching jobs, or starting to work in a totally new function,we can advise you.
    • We can also advise you on how to get the most out of your pre-application school visits

The Pre-Application consultation

  • Receive a full, 2-page action plan on when to take the GMAT and corrective measures for MBA application
  • The consultation covers 4 rounds of 30 minute telecalls/meeting the consultant at intervals convenient to you


7 Thoughts on “Pre-Application Planning

  1. Hi,

    I am interested in your consultation for US applications. Pl. advise. Thanks, Kelvin

  2. Greetings MBA Admission Gurus

    I have recently scored a 630 in GMAT. I have a 4 years of work experience and seek some insights. Pl. advise
    Thanks, Vikas

  3. Abhijeet Karki on August 1, 2016 at 1:27 AM said:

    Dear Gurus
    I want to apply in round-1 this year. I am A bit confused regarding which colleges to apply, Please let me know how long does this process usually take?


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