ISB – Indian School of Business – Sample Recommendation By Client

Under what circumstances and for how long have you known the applicant? (50 words maximum)

I have known ABC since past one year. He is our one-point-contact with DEF Inc. for financing some of our projects. He has also helped us in areas other than his job.

Please rate the applicant’s achievements when compared to those of his or her Peers and mention the reference group with which you are making these comparisons. (100 words maximum)

I rate ABC among the Best of the Best officers from DEF. I have come across several officers during these years, but none have serviced our requirements with such commitment, creativity and resourcefulness. I fully rely on ABC for all our QRS  requirements.

He has gone out of the way in helping us twice. This is truly commendable.

Please describe, in brief, situations where the applicant displayed signs of leadership abilities and team skills. (200 words maximum)

ABC has the knack for understanding people and their motivations. I have observed this in his communications with our company employees when he collates data for his project reports. He has such good relations with the employees in our company that they no longer treat him as an outsider. He has never required my assistance in getting things done at ExpressIT!

I have also seen ABC interacting with his team members and juniors. He instills   confidence in peers and the team alike. At the same time, he manages to maintain a healthy competitive spirit in his team – leading to a very performance driven unit.

Please mention two consistent strengths of the applicant and if possible provide instances where she/he demonstrated these strengths. (200 words maximum)

  • ABC is very intelligent and has a strong grasp of project financing. In my very first meeting with him, I was impressed by his clear understanding of our business and funding cycles. His suggestions have often been of great advantage to us and we often take his opinion on critical matters related to financing. With other officers before ABC, we would often find them too specialized to their “divisions” and hence the need to speak to many representatives for our various needs. ABC, on the other hand, is very knowledgeable not only about his job but also about other products in the bank. His service leaves no scope for criticism.
  • ABC’s resourcefulness and versatility is noteworthy.  He has the knack for getting things done and is very customer-oriented.

In the past one year, he went out of the way to service our needs in two occasions:-

  • He helped us in getting working capital financing through another division in the bank.
  • One of our loan accounts was showing delinquency last year due to operational errors from at the bank. We had been communicating with the branch office since long, but in vain. ABC helped resolve this long pending issue – he escalated the case to higher levels within the bank and got the loan account rectified in a week.

Please indicate two areas where the applicant has shown learning and improvement which would add value to his application to the ISB. (100 words maximum)

I recollect an instance in the early stages of ABC’s interaction with us. He had  worked hard on assessing a funding plan for one of our ventures. However, the proposal was rejected at a higher forum in the Bank. ABC took the rejection seriously – more as a personal failure. Given that, he was (and is) professional with a strong sense of ownership, such a reaction was natural. I, however, realized the need to bring a rational perspective. At that time, I advised him not to take any deal rejections personally and to communicate rejection to clients in the same way as approval. Over these months, I now find that he has been far more accommodating to such events. At the same time, his zest for achievement is remains unshaken- he has learnt quickly to know where to “pull-off” on a deal and work smarter. Beyond this, I didn’t find any significant weakness in him. However I would prefer him spending more time with us.

Please provide any other comments that you consider are relevant to the applicant’s admission to the ISB, especially regarding the applicant’s career in business/management. (200 words maximum)

I have often recommended ABC to various other companies for project financing. I can vouch for his reliability and commitment to customers’ interests.

It is thus a pleasure to write this recommendation for his application to ISB. I find him to be person of high intellect with a strong desire for knowledge and growth. He is an excellent communicator – very articulate and expressive. It is fairly justified to provide him a platform for nurturing his talent to the extent of its limits. I understand and wholeheartedly support his desire to seek admission at the ISB and wish him all very best.

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