GMAT 670 – Yet US$ 60K Funding For [email protected]

Possible with GMAT 670? Yes! Our client made it to Purdue University’s Krannert School of Business.  What worked best??

  1. Ensuring concise essays with not too many compound sentences – As always.
  2. Presenting on your case’s strengths and being true to “learning/improvement” areas (Integrity matters so long as you do not go overboard and sell yourself short)
  3. Being humble, yet confident and with a learning focused attitude
  4. Simplifying or (possibly avoiding) technical/functional terms and converting them to business or even layman’s language
  5. Applying to at least 5-6 Business schools – INCLUDING 2 SAFER/DEFINITE ONES…why? To reduce your interview anxiety and build confidence for the real game
    • The candidate made it to 2 other schools till the interview stage (early November/Dec.) – by the time it came to this one, he was ready for a winning impression
  6. Joining Rotary or Rotaract or Toastmasters (these are organizations of global repute)
  7. Last but the not the least, a well-grounded and steadily focused and growing profile matters

2 Thoughts on “GMAT 670 – Yet US$ 60K Funding For [email protected]

  1. Olufunmilade on March 7, 2014 at 11:37 PM said:

    Greetings MBA Admission Gurus,

    My name is Olufunmilade. I am currently am undertaking Gmat prep classes and am scheduled for Gmat test on April 24th 2014.

    However I haven’t made any decision on my list of business schools. My focus is on reasonable ranking with scholarship and this post have come across really helpful!

    I seek your assistance in the matter and Would much appreciate your response.

    • Hello Olufunmilade,

      We would be happy to help you and have sent you an email. We would much appreciate if you could share your resume so that we can take this forward in detail once you enroll for the university selection program.

      MBA Admission Gurus

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