Applying for An International MBA? Seven Reasons Why MBA Essay Editing Will Help

Tips On MBA Essay Editing Services BenefitsMost applicants to B- School wonder: Why does every application require that applicants submit an admissions essay? And most of the applicants do find the task cumbersome. However MBA Admissions essays are a golden opportunity to excel beyond the academic world. Factors other than the GMAT and academic records account for as much as 50% of the entire academic application!

1. Your ability to promote yourself matters:

  • Look at it from the business school perspective – if one cannot present his/her case well to the business school then how can he/she be expected to lead as a manager/senior manager/Vice President or CEO? Business thrives on the ability to promote. And a candidate with a well-presented case does win over the heart of the admissions committee.
  • Another “internal secret” – Most of the faculty, placement officers and key members in business schools known that a high GMAT does not always mean high success post-MBA! Thus the admissions panel is always interested in an all-rounded applicant – who has been so far well-accomplished and also can find the time for sports/co-curricular/extra-curricular/community leadership.

2. Admission essays mark the difference between acceptance and rejection:

A Crisp, focused and lively essay is preferred by reader than an overweighed and ineffective one. Once you are done with compilation of admission essay, MBA essay editing becomes necessary to ensure that your admissions essay presents you as the applicant with “attention to details”.

3. Low on the GMAT? A Top-notch MBA essays may be your only hope:

One may have lost say, 40% of chance with a low GMAT (lets say below 640) but the number changes to 100% if the application is not made cleverly and with attention. On the other hand, it is only in the case of MBA applications where a low scorer with a rock-solid application may be preferred over the “class topper” with a lackluster set of essays.

4. The 740 GMAT applicant who got rejected at leading schools – why?

This happens often with the toppers who had so far made it to every program based on academic scores alone. A GMAT beyond 700 is a world class achievement – but is not an admissions guarantee in itself! While the 700 score could have been a cumbersome journey, an equal focus could help you win over a scholarship to the Ivys! So why stop now?

5. The Admissions essay is an opportunity for applicants to stand out:

Admissions committees look to the admission essay to help differentiate between applicants with similar academic backgrounds and GMAT scores. To distinguish your MBA application in this fiercely competitive field, MBA essay editing becomes mission critical. But differentiation in admission essay should come with practicality attached – your goals should be backed by a previous history of achievement – not necessarily in academics alone.

6. Career plans that indicate accomplishment and focus:

Admissions officers love seeing a logical goal plan – a plan that is based on your previous work/industry experience – and when combined with the MBA – propels you to the next level of growth. MBA essay editing thus permits you to distinguish yourself from the crowd through the extent of your ambition, and the relevance, interest, and worthiness of your career path

7. Your strengths, weaknesses, attitude towards learning and a range of other “softer” factors are looked for in the MBA admission essay:

While b-school Admission committee everywhere would assert that they rigorously analyze the strengths and weaknesses of each candidate-and they certainly do-there is also considerable “Blink” involved in how they choose one over the other. The blink factor comes into picture because they have to select the best applicant in limited time and the one that makes impression at every turn clicks. It is in the Admission essay, in particular, where your erudition, attitude and emotional intelligence comes to light and this is where the impression in made. Your admission essay may include many aspects which you may not consider to be a weakness but an expert may do, hence MBA essay editing by expert helps in overcoming this barrier.

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