Wondering Why MBA in Marketing? Consider This

Tips For Why MBA In Marketing SpecializationJob opportunities:

Important considerations for any candidate planning a professional MBA in marketing are questions like:

  • What is the scope of MBA marketing?
  • How is an MBA marketing salary?
  • What after MBA in marketing?

and the like. If you think that there is no scope of MBA marketing managers in this age of recession! Think again! In these tough times the crying demand of the companies is to increase their sales even more, thus, the scope of MBA marketing only becomes more critical and vital for the survival of the organization. Thus, there is always a good scope of MBA Marketing even during the times of recession, although an MBA marketing salary might be seemingly lower than during boom times.

Career options after MBA marketing:

Let us briefly look at the scope of MBA marketing in the context of industries; one can develop a career in sectors ranging from FMCG, Retail, Tourism, Banking, Hospitality, IT and ITeS, Media, PR & Advertising, Consultancy, Market Research etc. Let us briefly look into the different job profiles a candidate can expect after MBA in marketing.

  • Marketing manager: The marketing manager’s responsibilities focus on servicing and managing an ongoing relationship with existing customers. He utilizes his skills in international marketing, customer satisfaction and retention, market strategy, and emerging technologies. This position requires intensive knowledge of market research and customer management.
  • Brand manager: The scope of MBA marketing graduate in Brand management is that he/she is responsible for promotion and positioning activities that include advertising, media, market research activities such as collecting the information about area of consumers, display brand at target place and the like.
  • Market research analyst: After MBA in marketing can open employment possibilities as a Market research analyst. Such professionals devise methods and procedures for obtaining the data they need. He is responsible for design, implementation and analysis market and provides support for the development of business strategies and plans for contributing to the business. They design telephone, mail or internet surveys to assess consumer preferences, conduct surveys as personal interviews, going door-to-door, lead focus group discussions, or setting up booths in public places such as shopping malls, analyze data on past sales to predict future sales.
  • Sales manager: A sales manager is responsible for a multitude of activities like providing effective customer service and Monitoring Schemes in retail trade and distributors and reporting competitor activity, assessing and fixing sales targets, developing and monitoring business development and the like. They appoint distributors and plan sales outlets. The candidates who opt for a sales profile after MBA in marketing require a knack for customer focus and a genuine interest in the problems of customers.
  • Media Planning: It forms an important component of marketing strategy of any organization. Media Planning involves designing a plan that shows how advertising time and space in selected media and which vehicles contribute to the achievement of marketing objectives in an advertising campaign. It is a tool that allows the advertiser to select the most appropriate media to communicate the message in sufficient frequency towards the maximum number of potential customers at the lowest cost.
  • Product management: A product manager is responsible for the profitability and market growth of a product line. They typically coordinate and oversee a number of diverse divisions of a corporation to ensure the efficient and timely flow of a product to market. The scope of MBA marketing for is significant as many are often promoted as Director or Manager of a group of products or as Vice President (VP) of marketing.
  • Internet Marketing: This is among the hottest career options for MBA-marketing graduates. Internet marketing has grown to be a massive field worldwide with tremendous opportunities for those who seek to grow in this field. Openings in account management, client relations with internet marketing firms are obvious entry points. Candidates are also finding a great amount of openings in vendor management functions of corporations where the key task to select and manage the entire spectrum of internet marketing service providers. For those who still want to delve deeper into this field, working on internet marketing projects comes recommended – there’s a lot to choose from: Social media marketing, pay-per-click (PPC) search engine marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), web content writing, article and press release writing and gradually (and with diverse exposure) quickly rising as the Head of Digital Marketing! Salaries initially tend to be on par with industry standard – but once you have gain expertise and experience, higher payouts are in for sure!

Salaries for Starters may vary depending on the work experience of the individual. However, not all B-schools can guarantee an MBA marketing salary in similar ranges. The salary also depends on other parameters like the field of specialization, creativeness, innovativeness and the like. A key fact: Most CEOs have been known ton start their careers in some form of sales or marketing role – so if you plan to work your way up there, this functional skill is not an option!

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  3. This is really useful information. The marketing field well paying openings in top companies. Or one can also emerge as a good entrepreneur with this

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    Hello Gurus! I am currently in my 2nd year bachelor of mass media degree.
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