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  Planning an MBA abroad? Four Crucial Factors Beyond Rankings

Tips on Factors Beyond Business School Rankings

The top business schools abroad give a new dimension to you career path. Such An MBA abroad bestows upon you the opportunity of exploring a new country. Such a crucial decision of going abroad for an MBA in a business school cannot be taken on the basis of a few digits alone. If you want to settle abroad after completing an MBA, it will be prudent to look beyond the rankings. Here are 5 main aspects which you need to keep in mind while choosing a Business school abroad. Read More

Wondering Why MBA in Marketing? Consider This

Job opportunities:

Important considerations for any candidate planning a professional MBA in marketing are questions like:

  • What is the scope of MBA marketing?
  • How is an MBA marketing salary?
  • What after MBA in marketing?

and the like. If you think that there is no scope of MBA marketing managers in this age of recession! Think again! In these tough times the crying demand of the companies is to increase their sales even more, thus, the scope of MBA marketing only becomes more critical and vital for the survival of the organization. Thus, there is always a good scope of MBA Marketing even during the times of recession, although an MBA marketing salary might be seemingly lower than during boom times. Read More

  Top Business School MBA Admissions With Low To Average GMAT Possible

Our Backdated Media Release Pertaining To Effective “Branding” For MBA Admissions Success


With India’s marks-driven, fiercely competitive educational system, most of the applicants aspiring for world-class M.B.A degrees often feel disheartened when they are not able to crack the GMAT (The Graduate Management Admissions Test). The traditional school of thought moves towards the philosophy that a GMAT less than 700 makes the entire case for a leading Business school void. Read More

  Planning an MBA in the UK- Eight Tips For Selecting UK MBA Programs

Pursuing an MBA in the UK can yield among the best returns on your investment – provided your list of universities is well researched and suits your career plans. Here’s with an eight step plan towards management career success with an MBA from the UK

Tip #1 for planning an MBA in the UK – Identify the goals for studying MBA programmes in UK. This is a 3 step process.

  • Do Self-assessment before enrolling to colleges for MBA in UK: Take time to reflect on your experiences, your abilities and your ambitions. Understand your career path and develop the yearly road map required to achieve it. Read More

  Applying for An International MBA? Seven Reasons Why MBA Essay Editing Will Help

Most applicants to B- School wonder: Why does every application require that applicants submit an admissions essay?  And most of the applicants do find the task cumbersome. However MBA Admissions essays are a golden opportunity to excel beyond the academic world.  Factors other than the GMAT and academic records account for as much as 50% of the entire academic application!. Read More

  Eight tips for a winning MBA admissions interview

Be 100% clear about your career goals:

In a typical MBA admission interview, certain questions are designed to assess the clarity of thoughts, career path and career aspirations. Candidates are expected to be clear as to how the MBA course and the particular B-school could help in achieving the desired result (reasons such as financial aid, school specialization, career growth, school rating etc might come in handy). Your goals should be consistent with your experience and your desire to pursue further education. Hence, we recommend candidates to have both short and long term career objectives when preparing for a business school admissions interview. Read More

  MBA Admissions Essays Mastered

Factors other than academics and the GMAT account for as much as 60% importance in the MBA admissions decision! A passionately, humbly and well structured MBA application essay can really differentiates you from competition and bring in the uniqueness of your profile. The scores of many GMAT candidates selected for admission are same; one paper interview in form of the b-school application essay gives you the chance to, in many ways, highlight your positives in the MBA admissions interview. Here’s with 8 easy ways to get started with your business school application essay development and editing. Read More

  TOEFL Waiver Request Letter Sample

Dear Sir/Madam,


Ref.: Application To the XYZ program

I request the admissions committee to consider the following factors while considering my request for TOEFL (Test of English As Foreign Language) Waiver

  1. My entire education (primary school, secondary school, under-graduation) has been from English speaking institutions – The medium of instruction has been strictly English. Read More

  MBA Application Strategy Basics And Costs of “Confusion”



  1. Many aspirants tend to contemplate and research a wide variety of programs BEFORE taking the GMAT.
  2. Thus precious GMAT preparation time is lost in the earlier part of the year
  3. And, unless you are among the top 5% global academic cadre, reaching 700+ in the GMAT does take 5-6 months of highly organized preparation (especially for working professionals)
  4. By the middle of the year, pressure builds up – leaving less and less time (along with work) to ace the GMAT.  Read More

  GMAT 670 – Yet US$ 60K Funding For [email protected]

Possible with GMAT 670? Yes! Our client made it to Purdue-Krannert School of Business.  What worked best??

  1. Ensuring concise essays with not too many compound sentences – As always.
  2. Presenting on your case’s strengths and being true to “learning/improvement” areas (Integrity matters so long as you do not go overboard and sell yourself short)
  3. Being humble, yet confident and with a learning focused attitude.  Read More



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