Planning an MBA in the UK- Eight Tips For Selecting UK MBA Programs

Pursuing an MBA in the UK can yield among the best returns on your investment – provided your list of universities is well researched and suits your career plans. Here’s with an eight step plan towards management career success with an MBA from the UK

Tips For MBA In U.KTip #1 for planning an MBA in the UK – Identify the goals for studying MBA programmes in UK. This is a 3 step process.

  • Do Self-assessment before enrolling to colleges for MBA in UK: Take time to reflect on your experiences, your abilities and your ambitions. Understand your career path and develop the yearly road map required to achieve it.
  • Define your career path: Your short and long term goals are the first step towards post MBA success. Find out where you see yourself a few years from now, what are the choices you plan to make to take charge and further your goals.
  • What makes one eligible to study MBA in UK? An honest self-assessment will save you a great deal of time and energy by helping you to make a focused selection of schools and colleges for MBA in UK.

Tip #2 for planning an MBA in the UK-Ranking system of Universities and colleges for MBA in UK:

Rankings of schools and colleges for MBA in UK are usually constructed from three popular parameters: QAA (Quality Assurance Agency), RAE (Research Assessment Exercise) ranking and the Media ranking.

  • QAA is supposed to ensure that the teaching standard and the condition of study in colleges for MBA in UK are good. It carries out an audit every couple of years and takes into account several factors like the computing facility, number of students that enrolled for MBA course in UK at various schools, etc.
  • RAE reflects research ranking. That is, where does one publish and what proportion of the staff publishes in journals.
  • Media ranking, have their own way of constructing where universities fall. Despite the media frenzy surrounding rankings, research suggests that candidates vary significantly in terms of the criteria which matter to them in selecting a business school. Research indicates that the most popular selection criteria are: Scholarship availability, Quality of Academic Staff, post-MBA salary, relevant specializations and career placement record – with rankings coming only seventh.
  • Thus, one needs to investigate the criteria that the ranking is based on before you making a choice based on the rank. Then choose from the list of appropriate colleges for MBA in UK. You may also consult a reputed UK MBA admissions specialist for the same

Tip #3 for planning an MBA in the UK-Accreditation of University and colleges for MBA in UK:

In the case of schools and colleges for MBA in UK, the relevant body is the Association of MBAs (AMBA). It currently accredits programmes at 161 business schools in 72 different countries. The process of accreditation gives an indication of the quality of schools programmes.

Tip #4 for planning an MBA in the UK-Location and Cost for MBA Schools in UK:

In selecting a location for study of MBA programmes in UK, the following conditions listed below may be considered:

  • If you are doing a part-time MBA course in UK while you are working and need to commute to the school regularly.
  • If you are interested in applying to a particular employer after the MBA course in UK, you may want to choose one of the schools from which the company recruits.

Tip #5 for planning an MBA in the UK-Fees and other costs for MBA in UK:

The cost of study in colleges for MBA in UK varies widely. In general, the minimum cost may be around £12,000 which includes cost of living and studying. However, financial aid exists, which can make the most costly MBA course in UK affordable.

Tip #6 for planning an MBA in the UK-Job opportunities after MBA programmes in UK:

If a candidate is studying MBA course in UK and intends to work after studies it is recommended he/she starts a job search while studying. Subscribe to online job network and scout for internships and job openings.

Tip #7 for planning an MBA in the UK-Details of Scholarship and MBA course in UK:

  • To study MBA in UK with scholarship, it is advisable to start your scholarship search at least one year before the commencement of your course.
  • Scholarships offered by Universities and colleges for MBA in UK are competitive and mainly based on academic merit. You will need to submit academic records, a personal statement and at least two references.

Narrow down the courses and universities offering MBA programmes in UK which you wish to apply to and then look for a scholarship accordingly.

Tip #8 for planning an MBA in the UK-Details of MBA course in UK:

To study MBA in UK, certain modes of studies are available. Primarily, MBA programmes in UK can be full-time, part-time, and modular or use distant learning. A prospective student needs to consider factors including the size and culture of the school, quality of faculty and student body, facilities, location, programme content and type of MBA course in UK. Find out how extensive is the network of alumni of the School and their career progress.

7 Thoughts on “Planning an MBA in the UK- Eight Tips For Selecting UK MBA Programs

  1. Leon Ramos on August 28, 2018 at 12:29 AM said:

    Hi there: You have shared very important information about MBA. Thanks for sharing this information. Regards

  2. Mahima S. on March 27, 2015 at 5:48 PM said:

    Hi.. Thanks for the information…
    I am based in India and planning to pursue my MBA in the UK.
    I am very concerned about good employment after an MBA in the UK.
    Can you please suggest colleges in the UK with a good placement track record

    Mahima S.

    • Greetings Mahima,

      Thanks for the post. We find this a typical concern about candidates from non-UK or non-EU citizenship. We realize that UK immigration norms are rather tough in terms of timeframe available to find an employer

      The solution
      1. Pl. refer the FT rankings for UK MBA programs. That is a premium benchmark
      2. Always have a “plan B” in case UK employment doesn’t work out

      Since we do not have information of your specific profile and the post MBA employment-type sought, it will be difficult to advise further. Pl. share these details via email ([email protected]) for a more specific response to your UK MBA query.

      David Fernandez

  3. Raihan on May 23, 2014 at 9:51 AM said:

    Hello MBA Gurus,

    My son is planning for an MBA in the UK in Information Tech (IT) specialization. His GMAT score is not too strong with just 580 in the first attempt. He does have a conditional offer from the university of Reading, Berkshire, United Kingdom. Should we go ahead with this one or wait till other offers arrive. His IELTS score is well within the required range.

    Thanking you in anticipation.
    Warm Regards,

    • Dear Raihan,
      1. He must report the GMAT score as yet. Many MBA programs in the UK do not need a GMAT score. However, anything in the range of 600-650 is a definite plus to the application. His score is just at the 600 borderline – at the worst, it won’t cause any harm

      2. The university of Reading will be a good choice if he plans to move ahead in the IT industry. This is because the area near Reading is among the premier Infotech Hubs in the UK.

      That said, we still feel that we do need to know what other programs he had applied for – in order to opine in entirety. Do connect with us at +91-9820819895 or via [email protected]


  4. nandita singh on May 22, 2014 at 10:36 AM said:

    Dear MBAadmissionGURUS,

    I am planning to take admission at Bedfordshire university – Luton Campus in the UK. I have also received a conditional letter from them for the same.

    In the meanwhile, I have come across Msc. in Human Resource Management (HRM) in universities such as Oxford-Brookes university and the Queen Mary university of London. I find their course offerings very remarkable.
    Thus I am presently confused about the next step…
    Pl. help as soon as possible.

    Thanking you,

    • Hi Nandita,

      Your predicament is justified. Prior to gaining MBA admission in the UK, it is always a good idea to study University Rankings before you join in – something that you are duly going ahead with.

      We want you to visit the “league tables” for ranking of universities in the UK. The link below provides university rankings for the “Business and management” domain. The link is

      Based on this initial assessment, we do find that the other two options that you have are better – in terms of university rankings.

      We suggest that you apply to their program too. For detailed assessment of your case, please mail your resume to [email protected] – Also indicate your IELTS or TOEFL score.

      To your success,
      MBA Admission Gurus

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