Indian School of Business (ISB) – Speech For Student Body Presidentship Essay

You are contesting the election to be the President of ISB Student Body. Write a contesting speech for the same

Fellow-students, it is my pleasure to be a part of the distinguished ISB student community and bring forth my ideas for the ISB Student Body. I have always believed in the power of “collective passion and commitment” – an extra-ordinary force that comes to life when people collectively commit to and move towards a vision. As a manager with ABC Corporate Financing Division, I was told that my newly formed team of ##, would barely reach a US$ ## Million sales target. My “Newbie” team did ### Crores and created a record as yet unbroken. We took it up as a challenge and actually enjoyed every moment of it.

At ISB, we are the handpicked elite of meritorious professionals chosen from all across India. One can only imagine what we – as student body team – can deliver in our one year of stay here.  I propose a “special events” committee that will bring in atleast 2 leading personalities every month from business, academics and the society. It will add to our wisdom and emotional quotient as we listen to those who have changed the world – through enterprise, knowledge, social work or plain grit and determination. My first contribution to activity would be a guest speakership by Dr. V. Kurien, Architect of India’s “white revolution”. I further propose a Forum where each one of us shares a breakthrough or achievement during the program. Let us put the power of sharing to work, learn from each other’s experiences and keep up the positive momentum. We will also develop a course feedback process where our faculty can access our views on courses and make changes if need arises. Last but not the least, I promise you opportunities to unwind through the “adventure and sports club” – mountain biking, bungee-jumping, river rafting and sports events.

Let’s build a dynamic student body which catalyzes and even demands innovative “win-win” ideas and projects. We will create a legacy of achievements and capture the opportunity to grow as managers, leaders and entrepreneurs.  Thank you.

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