linkedin-mba-admissions-consultants-reviewsTop qualities: Good Value, On Time, High Integrity

It is a pleasure to endorse the team at MBAadmissionGURUS. While my profile and career graph was robust and steady, I was quite a bit at sea about selecting best-fit B-schools and locating ones I could afford (given that international MBA program fees typically very prohibitive). My joy thus knew no bounds when I made it to Purdue University’s Krannert School of Management with very significant funding.

  1. At several instances, I was prevented from applying to certain B-schools based on admission and/or funding probably – thus saving valuable time and minimizing the frustration.
  2. I was well-guided towards uniquely presenting my candidature; guidance for admissions essays and related documents was truly creative 
  3. Given that I have been from an engineering/technology background, more than 3 man-days were spent in brainstorming, narrowing and articulating my key achievements in a rather compact and crisp manner, I must add 
  4. Finally, the admissions interview preparation got me ready for a bevy of questions/assessment criteria with a focus on effectively communicating my strengths and further developmental objectives. (The actual interview turned out to be a relatively pleasant experience : ) I wish them the very best in the years to come. Cheers!” May 28, 2012, N. Dubey – click here to view Linkedin endorsement


 Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

What impressed me about the team at Columbus is that after discussing about my aspirations to join a B-School and my choice of specialization, they provided significant insights about various universities and the program options. Each B-School they recommended, they were well aware of the admit challenges and the details that set each school apart. They followed a detailed, structured and custom-built application strategy for each university. I believe I was saved from a range of probable college selection and application mistakes beforehand. They are ethical, relatively high priced but definitely value for money. The support on admissions documents and interview preparation is top class – it will definitely last a lifetime. I recommend them to every MBA aspirant who wants to optimize on his profile and make it to the best possible school with his/her profile. Special thanks to Haresh for guiding me towards USC-Marshall.” March 13, 2012, N. Bhawasinka – click here to view Linkedin endorsement


Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

Haresh was very instrumental in preparing me for the rigours of ISB Admissions. The coaching on GMAT was highly conceptual and tailored towards improving my fundamentals and thus the score. Plenty of brainstorming efforts went behind guiding for and preparing highly effective, crisp, global-standard resume & application. Strong rounds of personalized interview training and shrewd feedback helped me present my case well to the admissions committee.” February 28, 2012, V. Menda – click here to view Linkedin endorsement


Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, Creative

Haresh is intelligent, driven, creative, and never takes his eye off the target – all useful traits for the domain he operates in. I would recommend him for any one who needs such services in an affordable and efficient manner.” March 14, 2012, S. Kanodia – click here to view linked endorsement


Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative

In my opinion, The few words those describe Haresh are, Unconventional, Individualistic, Articulate and Affable. Unconventional in the way he runs his entire setup, Haresh, though a marketing wizard, does not employ any typical marketing gimmick in his approach. Its one of those consulting sessions that you would typically have with your personal physician 🙂 He is very Individualistic in thinking! Haresh has a global outlook and it’s not common among Indian consultants. The best output you get out of these sessions is that the thinking rubs on to you. You get this whole new perspective about everything and whether you go to a B-school or not, it definitely will help you. An affable person that Haresh is, He gradually makes you start looking at positive side of events, kind of teaches you to always see the bigger picture and his brilliant articulation blends with his friendly demeanor very well such that you are able to not only express your achievement powerfully but also in a simple and concise manner.” March 9, 2012, V . Joshi – click here to view linked endorsement


Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value

Mr. Kodnani is THE expert counselor for international MBA admissions. He assessed my profile in-depth and helped me locate the best fit MBA programs. He is a person of high integrity and will tell you your admissions possibilities as they are and guide towards building a practical and yet ambitious application portfolio. I was extensively guided towards building that sharp 1-pager resume preferred by B-schools – all across he diverted my focus from listing results and not responsibilities (This is where my case stood out well too). Admissions documents support (Essays and the like) was outstanding and so was the interview preparation. My heartiest thanks to Haresh and his team. Wish you the very best.” March 13, 2012, J. Thakkar – click here to view Linkedin endorsement


Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

I had strong work experience in the diamond industry but really needed help in presenting my case better for MBA admissions. Mr. Kodnani turned out to be the best consultant for the same. I was well guided towards building professional, global standard admissions essays and promote my knowledge, achievements and expertise to admissions committee. After applying he often followed up with me to check the situation with admits. When I told him about my interview calles, he called me to his office immediately and prepared me for the M.B.A Admissions interview. He spent a lot of time coaching and fine-tuning my language and bringing in the finesse’ needed to interact with overseas admissions officers. I owe much of my admissions success to Columbus. I wish Mr. Kodnani and his team the very best ahead! Cheers!February 29, 2012, N. Modi – click here to view  Linkedin endorsement


Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity

Haresh was recommended by a friend to get some help on MBA. Haresh was a fantastic person who helped me save myself from ruining my 2 years in a MBA institute that had offered me a place when I could not get a very good CAT score. He is not only a good career guide but also an inspiring person to work with. Haresh is a well educated, result driven and open minded team player, customer focused person. If you ever need someone to deliver the correct guidance to mould your career in Management front and get good results, Haresh is your man!March 5, 2012, A. Tongaria – click here to view Linkedin endorsement



Mr. Kodnani provided some of the most phenomenal ‘elevator pitches’ in my essay, such as : ‘I wasn’t interested in just getting a particular job after graduating from a B-School – in my own way, I want to make a huge impact.’, ‘I want to give back more than I have received.’ Not that I did not know what needed to go into an essay, however, articulating it appropriately and using it in this right places was more important. Haresh and I met frequently and he understood my aspirations & me better. This way he was able to edit my essays very effectively. The “wow” factor – my essays were very self-reflective. They demonstrated that I knew myself, knew what I wanted out of school, and knew how I would contribute to the school. With extensive meetings and individual attention, I was able to download information about my past laurels and the Columbus Team ensured that my relevant past successes were fitted well with my career aspirations – From a Candidate Admitted to the ISB

“Mr. Kodnani definitely conducts a comprehensive research beforehand on classes and professors you might like to take and/or fit in with your career objectives. In fact, he also inserted some of those insights into my essays. While choosing a B-School, he displays a wealth of knowledge including professors and their classes, conversations with alumni, and information on club memberships that demonstrate values that are consistent with campus culture. He was aware of the introduction of new curriculum in courses as well as well as strong team focus.”– Client with GMAT of 670 received a 50% scholarship from Purdue University and the University of Buffalo (S.U.N.Y)

“The team at MBAadmissionGurus has been very professional, creative and with high levels of integrity. Wish you the very best!” – A Sr. Vice President with a leading Investment Bank and Admitted to Emory University’s 1-year M.B.A program

“What impressed me about Mr. Kodnani is after discussing about my aspirations to join a B-School and my choice of specialization, he displayed a large amount of “insider knowledge” such as, a popular class, a particular emphasis of the school, or other facts that were not obvious to outsiders. Out of each B-School recommended, he knew the things that set each school apart. He has a detailed, structured and custom-built approach to each applicant.” – Client with GMAT of 660 admitted to Duke University (Fuqua School of Business), Indiana- Kelly School of Business and received a 50% scholarship from the University Of Buffalo (S.U.N.Y)


  1. Anil G L on February 3, 2015 at 8:36 PM said:

    It is a pleasure to recommend the MBA Admission Gurus team. With strong entrepreneurial track record, I sought to pursue an Executive MBA in order to further scale my businesses. With the bevy of details across all businesses, it was a bit of challenge to narrow down, articulate and present the most important details that would matter to the MBA Admissions Committee.

    The MBA Admission Gurus Team was vital on many fronts:
    They helped me build a high-impact, 1-page resume (with 2 consultants to assist me)
    For my essay, the brainstorming was very useful in helping me articulate key details of (A) Career progress (B) Specific Goals ahead and (C) Researching the very particular benefits (electives, coursework, experiential learning and the like) of the MBA programs I had shortlisted and was applying to.

    Beyond brainstorming, the assistance on articulation was world-class and I was really delighted to have arrived at the final documents. I did make it to the desired program with their assistance.

    Thanks, MBA Admission Gurus. I wish you the very best in the years ahead!

    Anil G. L.

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